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The success of a project does not depend solely on the quality of the software. It is also necessary to use procedures and methods adapted to the software to ensure a successful implementation.
We do not provide you with a software as an empty cover, which will then be ready for use by customizing at your home.

We supply you with a factory-configured system, ready for your requirements and needs, which is able to process your business portfolio ex works.
This allows you to use our technology more quickly in your day-to-day business and to make your work process more efficient.

In workshops, all relevant parameters and requirements are discussed at the beginning of the project, a sample portfolio is created, the system is configured by us and then made available to you in our cloud for the test.
This saves you a lot of time and effort. On the one hand, your employees do not have to work into the setup of the software for project start-up, otherwise the project can also be carried out completely without internal IT support.



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