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You know your organisation, how to manage projects and how to organise an accounting department.

Nevertheless, different regulatory requirements are new to you and your team. Not to us. Let us help you fill in the gaps, kick-start your project and bring it to a successful conclusion.

Our experts can assist your team full-time or part-time, on-site or remote, coaching your staff to provide in-depth expertise or managing your project entirely.


Coaching or full Project Management

Our experienced project managers can either fully assume the role of project manager or they can coach your project manager, to cover any gaps in his/her knowledge or experience.

Project Initiation

Our project managers will help you set up and initiate your project.


Based on our experience with several projects, our project managers will help you draw up realistic, feasible planning, taking all prerequisites into account.

Project Control

Our project managers can organise or participate in steering committee meetings and follow-up meetings. They can activate their project management experience for you, reducing project risks to a minimum.

Project Termination & Cut-Over to Production

Handing over a new accounting system to the production department is of course the most critical phase. We’ve done it many times before and are ready to help you streamline this final part of the project.



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